We’re excited for this years’ Vacation Bible School and want your children to be a part of it!  Meeting Sundays at 10:30 AM from July 28th through August 25th, we’ll be on a journey studying the mess we have made, and how God has chosen to clean things up!

We are engaged in an epic battle for the hearts and minds of our youth. Every day, they’re bombarded with lies about who they are, who their Creator is, and where their salvation comes from. Thankfully, God has given his children the tools they need to battle against good and evil.

We encourage you to review the lesson schedule and spend time exploring and praying over these verses in preparation for VBS to share with your child.

REMINDER:  VBS will be for the 10:30 AM Services only.

For more information or to assist with this years’ VBS, please speak with Pastor Frank or contact him using the form below.

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